Yile (Anson) Jiang (姜亦乐)

Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting

I am a 5th-year Accounting Ph.D. candidate at The University of Melbourne. I am on the 2023-2024 job market.

My research agenda falls within the field of ESG, with a specific focus on the “E” component (environmental). Broadly speaking, I'm interested in exploring how disclosure regulations can serve as an alternative market-based approach to enhance social welfare, as opposed to traditional direct intervention. I adopt an interdisciplinary approach to conducting research, integrating insights from various fields such as accounting, economics, and environmental science. My job market paper examines fracking firms’ disclosure decisions in a mandatory chemical disclosure regime where regulators allow firms to withhold pollutant information regarded as a trade secret. 

I obtained my master's degree in Accounting from The University of Melbourne and a bachelor's degree in Journalism from Tsinghua University (Beijing). Prior to entering the doctoral program, I worked as an auditor at PwC (Beijing office). I have also been a CSR consultant at Bayer.